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Scott Murphy о Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 150mm F/4 C

This is my go-to portrait lens when I am doing portraiture on film, especially in black and white with T-Max 100. A really superb lens from the word go.

Michael Przewrocki о Norita Kogaku Noritar 135mm F/1.4

2kg- new mitakon( not MF) is 3kg. better lenses/coating not mono.
MF compatible only to 1m approx. M67-adapter needed, P67, P6, HBV(needs special tripod-mount-collar).
adding rubber-collar adviced for focusring.

admin о Mamiya SEKOR D AF 75-150mm F/4.5

In fact I also would like to know that. I have about 200 brochures, ads and instruction manuals dedicated to Mamiya/PhaseOne medium format cameras and lenses, and unfortunately they almost always lack information about special elements used in lenses, except for maybe APO lenses. As for the lens charts, our website is not a test lab so we do not conduct tests or publish test charts (including charts from lens manufacturers). Our website is just a lens knowledge base.

al kimble о Mamiya SEKOR D AF 75-150mm F/4.5

I’d like to know the specific lens elements, Ed, high refractive index, etc, used in this and all Mamiya lenses. also would like to see charts for lens performance-resolution, etc.

Miguel Ángel Antúnez Baza о Carl Zeiss Contarex Distagon 35mm F/2

Interesante y útil sus breves comentarios.
Tengo una Contarex con su 50,mm Planar y el 35 mm Distagon.
Lentes verdaderamente asombrosos.
Soy fotógrafo desde hace muchos años y todavía no puedo dejar la Leica M3 y la extraordinaria Contarex.
Japonesas solamente tengo una muy buena olimpus Om2n.
Les escribo desde la ciudad de México
Muchas gracias por su información…

admin о Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS 135mm F/2.8

You need Mamiya CS – Sony E (NEX) adapter. Unfortunately, no Mamiya CS adapters are available in online stores.

Baruch о Auto Mamiya-Sekor CS 135mm F/2.8

Hello. What adapter i need ir i want use this auto mamiya sekor cs 135mm f2.8 in a Sony e mount ?
I hppe you can help me. ✌

admin о Адаптация мануальных объективов

The aperture blades are in the camera mount, so the adapter has to control the aperture.

Topcor UV to Fuji X adapters are rare nowadays, but still can be found on eBay:

You can also make the adapter by yourself:

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