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admin о Tamron AF 75-300mm F/4-5.6 LD Macro 672D, 872D

According to the manufacturer’s website, the lens was discontinued in 2005, so I feel that the parts can’t be found anymore. Except for maybe the case when some seller on eBay will offer this lens for purchase for parts for a reasonable price.

Paul Coughlan о Tamron AF 75-300mm F/4-5.6 LD Macro 672D, 872D

I’ve emailed a few repair shops in the UK and they seem to say they wouldn’t be able to get the parts. Is that correct? Any way to check if this can be repaired? Iris seems to not move when changing f stop

admin о Kodak Ektar 80mm F/2.8

I guess that there could be two versions of the Kodak Ektar 80mm F/2.8 for the Hasselblad 1600F camera: 4-3 and 5-3. The only information I found about the optical formula of this lens is as follows:

“It should be remembered that when the front element (actually the front group) of a lens is moved forward, away from the diaphragm, the actual focal length of the lens shortens, giving the effect of a longer “bellows” draw. It focuses closer. This effect was used by the lens designers of Eastman Kodak in their design of at least three Ektars: the f2.8 80mm as used in the first Hasselblad, f3.5 100mm as used in the Medalist, and f3.7 105mm as used in the Miniature Speed Graphic. These three lenses have absolutely identical elements, they ONLY differ in the spacing of the groups. This was shown to me by Dr Kingslake in one of the many seminars he gave. These were all superb lenses,and could hold their own against most modern lenses.” (G. Lehrer from Rollei Mailing List on Sun, 07 Nov 1999, source: http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/ektar.html via archive.org)

“… the first batch of H’blad Ektars MIGHT have been of 4 element Tessar design, the rest of them were re-spaced Medalist lenses ( Ref: Kingslake). <...> Rick Nordin does state that the first lens in the H’blad was a 4 element (Tessar type) which was radioactive. I personally have seen them with a 5 element Heliar style Ektar.” (G. Lehrer from Rollei Mailing List on Sun, 07 Nov 1999, source: http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/ektar.html via archive.org)

It is known that the Kodak Ektar 100mm F/3.5 for the Kodak Medalist camera is of Heliar type and has 5 elements in 3 groups. So, the Kodak Ektar 80mm F/2.8 should also be the same.

But, again, I do not dispute your findings, because, as you can see from the quotes above, it is quite possible that the Kodak Ektar 80mm F/2.8 lens existed in several versions with different optical formulas: 4-3 Tessar and 5-3 Heliar.

Thanks for your information.

Menno Blaauw о Kodak Ektar 80mm F/2.8

I just restored a Hasselblad Ektar 80/2.8 (the two front thorium-glass elements had turned yellow and needed annealing, the two rear elements needed new cement) and found 4 elements in three groups – the two rear elements are cemented together. A Tessar design, that is 🙂

admin о Адаптация мануальных объективов

To be honest, I am not aware of such interchangeable-lens SLR camera. Perhaps you made a typo in its name? Anyway, if your SLR camera has Topcon or Topcon UV mount, lenses made for that camera can be easily adapted to any digital mirrorless camera. As for the SLR cameras, Topcon mount lenses can only be adapted to Sony SLR/SLT or Canon EOS cameras, while Topcon UV mount lenses due to their longer flange focal distance can be adapted to any digital SLR camera, including Nikon and Pentax.

Colburn Ingle о Адаптация мануальных объективов

Excellant article. I have a Topcon AR-1 auto w/numerous lens and would like to use the lens on a digital camera body. If I’m reading the chart correctly this would be possible?

admin о Minolta MD W.Rokkor(-X) 17mm F/4

Lenses designed for SLR cameras can be easily adapted to any mirrorless camera due to very short flange focal distance of this type of cameras. Of course I do understand that some people may not know this, but I still think that it makes no sense to include mirrorless cameras in the adaptation table.

Also, we completely ignore the Micro 4/3 system on our website.

Tod Van Dyk о Minolta MD W.Rokkor(-X) 17mm F/4

This lens seems to work fine on the Panasonic GH-2 and upward cameras. Perhaps this could be updated in the Adaptation to Digital SLR cameras, section?

admin о Minolta MC Rokkor(-X) PF 85mm F/1.7

I have corrected the description of the MC acronym and also added the description for the MD acronym. Thank you.

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